Coolest part of the new Captain America ?HE CAN FLY !

Coolest part of the new Captain America ?

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Yesterday, we learned that Thor will now be a woman and that Cap will now be ex-Falcon Sam Wilson… Not much to tell, we haven’t read it, we don’t even know how they’re going to be introduced. But the fact is that people reactions were insane.

Remember that Thor doesn’t turn into a girl. Thor still exist. He’s just unworthy of carrying Mjolnir and so not Thor as we knew it (comics and movie story are totally separate things. If in the movie Thor was send to earth and became mortal, in the comics he became Dr Donald Blake with an all new set of human memory). And a woman get her hand on Mjolnir, and then become the legitimate Thor.

About Cap, reactions are different. People react on Cap being african american. But we don’t care about him being black, he’s Cap’s best friend, the only one he would trust to wear the suit. Sure he could ask Bucky, but Bucky turned it down once (after the events of Civil War). Storywise, it make sense and the fact that he’s black doesn’t change anything.

What piss me off the most is the fact that people’s reactions are racist and misogynist. When Captain America was Bucky or Hawkeyes, there wasn’t that much reaction because they are white. When Thor was a frog either.

So maybe Marvel does it because they know it will sells, it’s a company that depends on money after all. But at least they does…

Grow up or STFU

PS :
List of some of Captain America incarnation :
Isaiah Bradley, William Nasland, Jeffery Mace, William Burnside, John Walker , Frank Castle, Bucky Barnes

List of some of Thor (actually, not just having Mjonir) incarnation :
Donald Blake, Eric Masterson, Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill, Jake Olsen, Simon Walterson, Ragnorok

No complains. On one sides all Captain America were white. Of the other they were still male… funny coincidence ?